About the company

Company name: ADRIA CASINO Limited liability company

Abbreviated name: ADRIA CASINO Ltd.

Company registered address: Dubečka 1, Zagreb

Competent Court: Commercial Court in Zagreb

Company Register number: 040134163

Tax ID number: 90180501899


  • HR9525000091101299490 opened at Addiko Bank d.d.
  • HR5224020061100027883 opened in Erste&Steiermarkische bank Inc.


Share capital: HRK 12,390,000.00 kn


Management board:

  • Dimitar Deskoski
  • Dražen Jablan
  • Zorica Franić


E mail: [email protected]

Web address: www.senator.hr

Toll free number Croatia: 0800-804-855


Approval of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia:

CLASS: UP/I-461-03/20-01/14

REG.NUM.: 513-07-21-01-20-6